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Technical FAQS

This depends on site conditions and usage.

  • Until a routine is established, we would recommend checking the Pre-Filters, Post Carbon and TDS of membrane weekly.

PLEASE TURN OFF POWER TO YOUR MACHINE. Then, select instructions below for your UV:

10 inch UV bulb replacement (View Here)

20 inch UV bulb replacement (View Here)

If you have a 900, 950 or 1100 interface in your machine, TURN OFF POWER to the machine and then click instructions below: (View Here)

  • Is the power on?
  • Does the machine accept either bills or coins? 
    • If the machine will accept one type of payment but not the other, the problem will be with the unit that is not accepting the payment
    • Or does the machine not accept either?
  • If the machine is not accepting any form of payment this means the machine is in some sort of failure mode
    • First item to check 
      • Is to make sure the UV light is on. To check this each UV control unit will have a LED on it, if the LED is on then the UV lamp is on. If there is no LED then the UV lamp needs replaced
    • Second item to check 
      • Is to make sure the holding tank is full of water & the tank empty float is connected properly & does not have broken or corroded wires
        • Check the tank empty float by unplugging from cabinet harness and using a multi meter to check continuity on the tank empty float wires. If the tank is full the float should give you good continuity reading
    • Third item to check 
      • Is if your Emergency Shut Off (ESO) float is connected properly & does not have broken or corroded wires
        • Check ESO float by unplugging from cabinet harness and using a multi meter to check continuity on the tank empty float wires. If the tank is full the float should give you good continuity reading
  • Check your price settings on the interface to ensure they are as you think they should be
  • Can you manually dispense coins from the coin changer by pushing the coin tube dispense button for each tube?
    • If yes
      • Double check price settings
    • If not
      • If no tube will dispense coins there might be a power issue with your unit
      • If some tube will dispense coins and others will not 
        • There might be a stuck coin or debris in the dispenser
        • Your interface might need the upgraded external power supply that is screwed to the face plate of the interface case
        • The pay out tube for that particular coin might be stuck or bad
  • When a machine taken money and does not dispense this mainly means 1 thing, the machine is in Flow Sensor Failure (FSF)
    • Is the Pump fuse (F2) on the back of the 2000/2500 Controller still good?
      • If no then replace with a 3AMP fast acting fuse
    • Does your machine work properly for several gallons or a day once the power at the machine has been cycled off & on?
      • This is a typical sign that the vend pump needs to be replaced
        • Our ASI vend pumps typically last for 30,000 – 40,000 gallons dispensed. 
        • We recommend writing the date as well as the gallon counter reading from the 2000/2500 controller on a blue piece of painters tape in sharpie then placing that piece of tape on the vend pump to keep track of that vend pumps out put.
  • Vend pump is not the issue
    • When the vend pump has been determined not to be the issue
      • First check the wires going to and from the flow sensor on top of the vend compartment & the 6 pin connector under the controller with the Red, Black, Clear, Violet & Violet/White stripe wires
        • Any cracked wire
        • Any water corrosion
        • Any broken wires
        • Any pins pushed out the back of the connector
      • Second item to check
        • Turn your power ON
          • Set your multi meter to DC Volts and check the RED & BLACK wires going to the flow sensor have 4.5-5 VDC with the POWER ON
        • Turn your power OFF
          • Set your multi meter to continuity and check the WHITE wire from the flow sensor all the way to the back of the 2000/2500 Controller
      • Third item that could be the issue is the flow sensor its self
        • This is a non-serviceable item & can only be replaced
  • #0 Philips Screwdriver
  • #2 Philips Screwdriver
  • Digital Multi Meter
  • Adjustable Wrenches
  • Drill/Impact driver an assortment of bit drivers 
  • Priming Cord (provided with machine when purchased)
  • Filter Wrenches (provided with machine when purchased)
  • TDS Meter
  • Chlorine Tester

Typical Service of a Water Vending Machine

Tools and materials, may require additional:

  • Tool bucket
  • Clean rag
  • Chlorine test kit
  • Collection report
  • Sump scrub brush
  • Spray bottle with cleaner
  • TDS meter
  • Coin bag
  • Vacuum

Routine Maintenance: (View Here)
Bi-Annually Maintenance: (View Here)

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“I am very pleased with the technical support available to me and my employees. It is very convenient that Aqua Star International has a toll free 1-800 number for the time when I need assistance. The technical assistance I have received has been outstanding. I have not encountered any problem that was not resolved with a simple phone call. Most of the time it was something so minor that if we had more experience we could have resolved the problem without assistance. However, it’s very reassuring to know that help is a toll-free call away.” – Rob Herbert, Pure Vend services

“We had an Aqua Star Water Vending Machine installed outside our store about three months ago. We have not had a water vending machine before, so we are very pleased and surprised by the revenue it produces. The machine has worked flawlessly since it was installed, and we have received several compliments on the quality of the water it produces. I highly recommend the Aqua Star machine for quality and reliability.” – Harold Halgrimson

“As far as knowledge about water treatment, I would rate Aqua Star International with an A+.” – Rob Herbert, Pure Vend Services

“After we made the decision to purchase the machine, we traveled to Tucson to pick up and received 6+ hours of training. We also met several of the employees at Aqua Star and each one of them was incredibly helpful.” – Leon and Diana Ricter, Windmill Water

“Your patience and attention to detail was much appreciated and helped to make the start-up and operation of your equipment trouble-free.” – David Green, Rocky ridge


The National Automatic Vending Association is a trade association that allows industry leaders of automatic vending and coffee services to be current on all related topics pertaining the the industry. This trade association also strives to be as ethical as possible, which is something that Aqua Star International also prides itself in doing.

Aqua Star International is a member of Arizona Water Quality Association. The members of this association include water quality leaders to make, sell and install water quality systems. This trade association allows water quality association leader to be informed with issues including but not limited to: government regulation, consumer trends and new water quality products.



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