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Just like any business investment, there are factors to consider and best practices to be followed in order to maximize your opportunities for success. Aqua Star International has operated water vending machines for as long as we have manufactured them; we know the blueprint for success in water vending. In addition, for our domestic customers we offer financing options through several first rate equipment leasing partners.

International Opportunities:

Throughout the years, Aqua Star International has created strong partnerships with successful companies in several countries. If you represent a well-established business operation outside of the United States or Mexico and would like to bring the benefit of this necessary, healthful and reliable quality of water to your region, we welcome your inquiries. Our expertise in the equipment and business model along with your understanding of the local market dynamics, can develop a very rewarding business together. Please use our contact page to indicate your interest, geographical location and contact information or call us directly. We will follow up promptly to work with you in order to determine the opportunities in your area.

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Domestic Opportunities:

Aqua Star International has worked with companies in almost every state across the country. Our experience over the years has allowed us to become familiar with the different laws and regulations regarding water vending machines within the United States. Along with regulations, the quality of vending machine is not only a reflection of your company but of us, the manufacture and therefore we produce superior products that last. We strive to assist your company with a high quality product and superior guidance as you enter this new investment. Although, we have previously dealt with companies primarily placing water vending machines at convenience stores and grocery stores, we also work with companies looking to place water vending machines at gyms, local parks, and education institutions. Please call us directly or use our contact page to submit an electronic inquire in order to get more information about this rewarding industry.


These mobile units are a great option for delivering high quality water at large events. Aqua Star International, through our single-serve G-2500 machine as well as our mobile units, has been able to open a new market for Water Vending Machines. Non-profits have begun to use our machines as a way to gain revenue and recognition for their cause while gaining an environmentally friendly reputation. We are familiar with dealing with non-profits and welcome all inquiries.

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The National Automatic Vending Association is a trade association that allows industry leaders of automatic vending and coffee services to be current on all related topics pertaining the the industry. This trade association also strives to be as ethical as possible, which is something that Aqua Star International also prides itself in doing.

Aqua Star International is a member of Arizona Water Quality Association. The members of this association include water quality leaders to make, sell and install water quality systems. This trade association allows water quality association leader to be informed with issues including but not limited to: government regulation, consumer trends and new water quality products.



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